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My name is Matthew Dunn and I would like to help you learn to love the guitar the way that I do. Learning guitar for me, is not just the act of memorizing and practicing, but also the value of appreciation. To become a successful guitarist, you must also learn to love the guitar in a way that the joy and passion that comes from learning will accelerate your progress and multiply your achievement.

With every achievement, you will become more enthralled and passionate, so guitar will become a life long journey, that will continue to bring you joy and a deep sense of accomplishment, exciting and amazing you to no end.

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Want to start a hobby that will bring a lifetime of entertainment and fun? Schedule a private guitar lesson and let your journey begin! It is never too late to start! Whether you are a child or an adult, beginner or advanced, you will benefit from learning an instrument and the positive focus that music will bring you. Whatever the genre of music you are interested in, blues (vintage blues, texas blues), jazz (swing jazz, gypsy jazz), country, rock, or pop, we can help you on your path to play an instrument you have always wanted to learn. We teach acoustic as well as electric guitar.

For your convenience, you can make your lesson payments online, or if you would like, your can make them in person.

Click on pricing if you would like more information on my rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Guitar FAQs contains some of the questions commonly asked by guitar students. If you have other questions that you would like to ask, send them to Matthew Dunn.